Conference Presentations available to download

On Thursday 13th June 2013, The Conference “The Common Denominators– Collaboration of Cross-Region on E-Government Application, Cloud Computing and Security” was held at  the Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.  This conference  was organised on the occasion in which large number international experts and companies took part in.

The Ministry of ICT of Thailand and Asia PKI Consortium (APKIC) were the hosts. The organiser of the event was Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) of Thailand, Business Case/Application Working Group (BAWG) of APKIC and Thailand PKI Association. Mr.Charamporn Jotikasthira, President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and Chairman of ETDA Executive Board of Directors; along with Ms Suranghana Wayuparb, Chairperson of Thailand PKI Association & Vice Chair of APKIC, Executive Director and CEO of ETDA; APKIC Chairman Mr.Philip Leung and Leader of BAWG Ms.Karen Chang  inaugurated the event.



We are pleased to offer downloads of conference presentations below.

Big Data: Security Risks and Defensive Actions

  • Mr. Bob Hung, General manager of Taiwan BU, Trend Micro
Open Data, Public Service, and Innovation

  • Mr. TH Schee, Co-Founder, Fertta Communications, Taiwan
National Cybersecurity Preparation to deal with Cyber Attacks

  • Dr.Chaichana Mitrpant, Assistant Executive Director, Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA)
What’s new?  What remains?  What do we need to be aware?

  • Mr. Shin Adachi, CoChair, Education Committee, Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)
CERTs and Digital Forensics, the need for security collaboration among regions

  • Dr.Soranun Jiwasurat, Division Director, Office of Security, Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA)
Securing the Internet’s Identifier Systems – DNSSec and other short stories

  • Mr.John Crain, Senior Director-Security, Stability and Resiliency, ICANN
The Cloud Computing Application in Healthcare (EMR) and Food Traceability – Taiwan’s Case

  • Dr. Huei-Jane Tschai, Director, Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan of Taiwan
Challenges in APAC that Influence Cloud Adoption

PKI in Action: Inter-bank transactions and e-Tax Invoice System

  • Mr.Sompop Suratanakavikul, Team Executive, Information Technology Department, Bank of Thailand
  • Mrs.Patricia Mongkhonvanit, Director, Bureau of Electronic Filing Administration, Revenue Department